Predictive Line Chart for Qlik Sense

Sometimes you want to be able to extend a line chart and be able to add predictive lines. A typical use case is where you want to visualise a best case, normal case and worst case. We have built the WoW Predictive Line Chart to make this process super easy! »

Writeback Table For Qlik Sense

Sick of maintaining data mapping tables in Excel? Allow users manage mapping tables directly within a Qlik Sense Dashboard.Extension SetupThe WebOfWork Writeback Table is a downloadable extension that you import just like any other extension in Qlik Sense. Import it via the extension manager in the QMC on Qlik »

Commentary Extension for Qlik Sense

Time for something completely different!Over the years of implementing Qlik Sense, one of the most common requirements and requests from customers has been1) The ability to add comments to data and communicate with others within an app.2) The ability to 'Writeback' data from the Client into Qlik Sense »