Chrome Tool for testing websocket communication with Qlik Sense

You may be familliar with postman for doing REST calls to the Qlik APIs. You can also test websocket queries using this tool: Its pretty useful for testing network connectivity when working with Qlik Sense apps and mashups. »

Easiest way to use Qlik JSON requests in nodejs

You could use enigma, qsocks and one of the other libraries. The most straight forward way I have found however is to simply use ws. const WebSocket = require('ws'); const ws = new WebSocket('ws://localhost:4848/app/engineData'); // create a new session: ws.on('open', function open() { ws.send(JSON. »

Full List of Qlik Sense Repository (QRS) API Paths and Endpoints

So this is likely only going to be valuable if you are doing something more advanced with Qlik Sense in a web application or custom on demand scenario. Let me know what your up too – I’m always interested! This is a complete list of all Qlik Sense QRS endpoints »

Qlik Sense Media Background Extension

This extension lets you use videos as a background to your Qlik Sense Dashboard. In this example I connected aerial views of different energy sources to selections made on the dashboard. It certainly adds something eye catching to your standard Qlik sense dashboard. It only works when using Qlik Sense »

All US Zip Codes with Latitude and Longitude for Qlik Sense

Hello! This is a file that contains all longitude and latitudes for the US zip codes. It has proven really useful for Qlik Sense Mapping visualizations. It contains the latitude and longitude of every United States zipcode. It also includes the City, State and County of eaech zip code. You »

All UK Postcodes.CSV with Lat and Longs for Qlik Sense

Hello! This is a file I created by scraping data from a freely available Geographical API. It has proven really useful for Qlik Sense Mapping visualizations. It contains the latitude and longitude of every uk postcode. It also includes the Easting, Northing, Grid Reference, District, Ward, District Code, Ward Code »

Handle Qlik Dates inside an extension using Moment.js

Recently I was trying to use dates as one of the dimensions inside an extension. Qlik can deal with lots of types of dates, when they are passed to the extension they come through in both a text format in the way they were formatted within Qlik using the date »

Getting data from a Qlik Sense object using the API

Qlik Sense objects each have a table of data behind them that is used by the visualisation. This is been called a ‘hypercube’ by Qlik. If you have lots of rows in your data table, then Qlik will split the ‘hypercube’ into separate pages so the data doesn’t crash »

How to use a pie chart? The golden rules

Personally, I don’t have anything against a pie chart in the right context. Some people hate pie charts/donut charts, I do not hold such strong views. Really when considering using a pie chart with a dynamic tool like Qlik Sense or Tableau, it’s more about understanding the »

Avoiding the spaghetti line chart

One of the easiest charts to create in Qlik Sense or Excel or any BI tool is a line chart. Very good for showing trends over time but also very easy to make look like spaghetti or a pile of string if not thought about correctly. See what I mean? »