If you are like me and using QuickBooks to manage your business finances you will find the built in reporting functionality in QuickBooks limited. Especially when you want to start cross checking QuickBooks data against other systems.

I find it much easier to do analysis in a tool like Qlik. So my first search was for a prebuilt connector that works with QuickBooks Online into Qlik Cloud or Qlik Enterprise. There was a REST connector but not easily configurable with QuickBooks Online.

We decided to build an online service that takes away a lot of the manual effort with Oauth2 authentication complexity and gets you to analysing data quicker for online platforms like QuickBooks.

Introducing the QuickBooks Online Data Connector for Qlik! It will authenticate QuickBooks and pass the data directly into Qlik load script using the standard Qlik REST connector. No worrying about authentication strategy. Just run your Quickbooks data queries directly into Qlik.

Connect your QuickBooks Online account to Qlik in less than 2 minutes:

STEP 1: Signup for a Webofwork Account:

Sign up to Webofwork.com to create a data management account (its free!):


Once signed up, click on the QuickBooks button and authorise the Webofwork QuickBooks app to access your account data:

STEP 2: Open a Qlik App and create a REST data new connection

Select REST connector:

STEP 3: Configure the REST Connection:

URL: https://api.webofwork.com/api/connectors/quickbooksQuery


STEP 4) Add the Authorization Header

Go to https://app.webofwork.com/connectors

Copy the Authorization 'Access Token' value specific to your account in the QuickBooks data connector at https://app.webofwork.com/#/connectors :

Go to your new connector and add a Header called 'Authorization' and paste the value into it like so:

STEP 5: Add a QuickBooks data query

In the 'Additional request parameters' section. Create a new query parameter called 'query' and input the QuickBooks data query you want to use to extract data from QuickBooks.

You can use any data query that QuickBooks supports. Check here for details:


Here are some basic queries to help you get started:

Get all accounts that were created after a certain date..

select * from Account where Metadata.CreateTime > '2014-12-31'

Get the first 100 invoice records...

select * from invoice startposition 1 maxresults 100


The great thing is this works in every version of Qlik Sense - Enterprise, desktop and Cloud and is completely free to use :). Enjoy!

Pulling fields from QuickBooks Online directly into Qlik Cloud.
Data model pulling tables directly from QuickBooks Online in the Qlik table viewer.
Create charts directly from QuickBooks data. Here we show line amount by description and customer. The advanced filtering gives you far more flexibility than other reporting tools.