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Getting data from a Qlik Sense object using the API

Qlik Sense objects each have a table of data behind them that is used by the visualisation. This is been called a ‘hypercube’ by Qlik. If you have lots of rows in your data table, then Qlik will split the ‘hypercube’ into separate pages so the data doesn’t crash »

Use Qlik Sense as a data warehouse

Most organisations and people in business intelligence are aware of the term Data Warehouse and its percieved benefits: A Data Warehouse Delivers Enhanced Business Intelligence A Data Warehouse Saves Time A Data Warehouse Enhances Data Quality and Consistency A Data Warehouse Provides Historical Intelligence by storing snapshots from a live »

Tag dimensions and measures in Qlik Sense to help users

The dimensions and measures library has a really handy search function to help end users find fields and measures that they want to drag onto a visualisation. Sometimes the fields are not in the most helpful names, especially if they have been pulled directly from a Database. Sometimes the business »

What is the difference between dimensions and measures in Qlik Sense?

If you have just started using Qlik Sense then you may be confused about what exactly the difference between a dimension and measure is in Qlik Sense or Qlikview. Any visualisation can be said to contain dimensions and measures. A measure is a calculation. It is something you need to »

What is a mashup?

A **mashup ** is a web page that uses content from more than one source to create a single new service displayed in a single graphical interface. In the context of Qlik this means we can combine the powerful Qlik Sense data modelling engine with any type of visualisation and keep »

Deploy Qlik Sense mashup from desktop to server

Here are some basic steps for deploying a mashup from Qlik Sense Desktop to Qlik Sense Server: Copy the qvf file from your local Qlik folder (by default it is C:\Users[user]\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps) Import the qvf file through the management console (start>apps>import) »

Qlik Sense Documentation Links

If you are looking for Qlik Sense documentation here are the appropriate links: General Qlik Sense help for people who need help with the basics: https://help.qlik.com/sense/en-US/online/ Help for developers that want to build extensions, mashups,  create custom connectors or use the API to handle »

Input box extension in Qlik Sense

In Qlikview there was the input box object that let us set a variable. Currently Qlik Sense doesn’t have a native object so here is a really basic extension that does the same thing. The selection is made when the save button is hit after entry. http://branch.qlik. »