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What is the difference between dimensions and measures in Qlik Sense?

If you have just started using Qlik Sense then you may be confused about what exactly the difference between a dimension and measure is in Qlik Sense or Qlikview. Any visualisation can be said to contain dimensions and measures. A measure is a calculation. It is something you need to »

What is a QVD file in Qlik Sense and how do I use it?

A QVD (QlikViewData) file is a file containing a table of data exported from Qlik. QVD is a native Qlik Sense and Qlikview format and can only be written to and read by Qlik. The file format is optimized for speed when reading data from a Qlik Sense script but »

Using Qlik Sense to connect to a web API with dynamic URLs

If you want to bring in data from a web API then this can be done with Qlik Sense out of the box. Go to data connection library as shown below. click on ‘Web File’. Great! In here you can paste an API call URL. It will then be listed »

Qlik Sense high vis mode

Maybe you need to see your dashboard in bright high visiblity colors? When accessing a Qlik Sense dashboard through your browser just put theme/highvis at the end when your on a sheet. http://localhost:4848/sense/app/ %5C%5Cpsf%5CHome%5CDocuments%5CQlik%5CSense%5CApps%5CSales%20Discovery/ sheet/XuWLHFK/state/ »

Create a custom Current Selections Bar in Qlik Sense

You may be comfortable with the Qlik Sense default current selections box: What if you or your end users aren’t keen on the look and feel? Especially inside a web application you may not want to always use this to control your Qlik charts. Using the APIs you can »

Select searchable fields in Qlik Sense Global Search

So this is something new in Qlik Sense that you can do with the load script. If you are familiar with Qlikview you will be aware of the search object and the ability to select fields you can search. This is also possible in Qlik Sense using a new function »

Branded templates for Qlik Sense in Workbench editor

This is a great example of using workbench editor to get the most out of Qlik Sense and achieve things that no other product(including Qlikview) can with drag drop functionality for users with no HTML/CSS skills! Hopefully more to follow. The branch project: http://branch.qlik.com/projects/ »

Introduction to Git for Qlikview people

Basically Git is change control for your working directory. It is platform independent, you can install it on Windows, Linux, Mac whatever… and these people will all be able to work together using GIT. You can use GIT with a command line or with an application: Why do I need »