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Qlik Sense Media Background Extension

This extension lets you use videos as a background to your Qlik Sense Dashboard. In this example I connected aerial views of different energy sources to selections made on the dashboard. It certainly adds something eye catching to your standard Qlik sense dashboard. It only works when using Qlik Sense »

Handle Qlik Dates inside an extension using Moment.js

Recently I was trying to use dates as one of the dimensions inside an extension. Qlik can deal with lots of types of dates, when they are passed to the extension they come through in both a text format in the way they were formatted within Qlik using the date »

What is a mashup?

A **mashup ** is a web page that uses content from more than one source to create a single new service displayed in a single graphical interface. In the context of Qlik this means we can combine the powerful Qlik Sense data modelling engine with any type of visualisation and keep »

Simple mashup user access permissions

A simple way to think about a mashup is as an extension of the particular Qlik Sense application you have embedded. If a user does not have access to the application inside a stream they will not be able to view the objects inside the mashup either. This concept can »

Qlik Sense tutorial for a Qlikview developer

Hi guys, Here is a great tutorial posted by Michael Woodward. It’s good for the basics of Building your first Qlik Sense application. Highly recommend it for people familiar with Qlikview taking first steps with Qlik Sense as it goes into more detail and uses more functionality you will »

Qlik Sense Documentation Links

If you are looking for Qlik Sense documentation here are the appropriate links: General Qlik Sense help for people who need help with the basics: https://help.qlik.com/sense/en-US/online/ Help for developers that want to build extensions, mashups,  create custom connectors or use the API to handle »

Input box extension in Qlik Sense

In Qlikview there was the input box object that let us set a variable. Currently Qlik Sense doesn’t have a native object so here is a really basic extension that does the same thing. The selection is made when the save button is hit after entry. http://branch.qlik. »

System fields in Qlik Sense

System fields are particularly useful when you are trying to make discoveries about an unknown data set someone has given you. They are still there in Qlik Sense!! Just make a filter panel and change the expression to = $field or $table or whatever one you are after and the list »

The Qlik Branch website

The Qlik branch website has a load of useful extensions for the Qlik Sense product and great Github integration. Worth checking out whats possible, if you have any projects they are worth adding on there, I will be adding mine soon when have some more time. http://branch.qlik.com/ »

Nodejs authentication for Qlikview and Qlik Sense

Just a quick post to mention the handy nodejs qlik authentication npm module that is available on github built by Rikard Braathen. Should help with people trying to authenticate Qlikview and Qlik Sense inside web applications using nodeJS! Github: https://github.com/braathen/qlik-auth NPMJS link: https://www.npmjs.com/ »